According to the IMF Qatar is recognized as the richest country in the world. Estimating GDP, the country is leading by a wide margin. The figure is 124 940 dollars. Qatar is an oil exporter and ranks 3rd in the world for natural gas reserves.


Luxembourg is the richest European country with a very high standard of living. In the capital city of Luxembourg there are many organizations in the European Union. GDP in this country is $ 109 200. According the offshore area and favorable conditions in the capital is at least 200 banks – a record among the other cities of the world. There is also a 1000 investment funds.


Singapore is one of the richest countries with low taxation. In a developed market economy a significant role have multinational corporations. Because of its low tax rates Singapore has become very attractive to investors. In a country of only 5 taxes, including payroll tax and income tax. The total amount of taxes is 27.1 %. The GDP per capita in Singapore is $ 90 600. The country is sometimes compared to the East Asian tiger because similarly rapid predator Singapore for a short period of time has made the economic jump and has evolved into one of the safe countries in the world.


Brunei is the one of the richest country on the planet. The country is unofficially called the “Islamic Disneyland” for the wealth of the Sultan and inhabitants of the country. GDP of Brunei is 76 800$. Thanks to the impressive oil and gas reserves this country is in the first place the standard of living among other Asian countries. Extraction and processing of oil is more than 10 million tons per year. Gas production – more than 12 billion cubic meters. Exports of these stocks brings the country 90% of all foreign exchange earnings, accounting for 60% of GDP.


Economic growth Ireland became possible thanks to exports and business investment. An important role in the development of the country is the construction and increase consumer spending. The economy in this country is modern and depends on the trade.GDP Of Ireland is 72 700 $.


Norway has already become the largest producer of gas and oil in Northern Europe. The country has a large merchant fleet and mineral reserves. In Norway low inflation and unemployment. These figures are within 3% compared to other developed countries of Europe. GDP of Norway is 70600 $.


Kuwait has huge oil reserves: they amount to approximately 100 billion barrels, or about 9% of the world reserves of this natural resource. The country is a very important oil exporter. This product gives the state South-West Asia, 50% of GDP, representing 95% of the revenue part of the national budget of Kuwait. GDP of Kuwait is $ 70 000.


The basis of the entire economy of the United Arab Emirates – production and export of gas and oil, trade, re-export. Daily oil production is about 2.2 million barrels. Black gold and foreign trade has ensured the rapid growth of UAE economy. Just a couple of decades, the country became the richest in the world. The GDP per capita of the UAE is 68 500 $


Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. The state attracts investors due to Bank secrecy and monetary security early. Investors in this country are sure in absolute safety of their money and savings, and the Swiss economy is dependent on foreign investment. Trade and industry are additional key economic resources of the country. In addition to all that, Switzerland is the leader in the refining of the gold in the world. It processes about 65% of world production of gold. GDP is $ 61 500.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is on the list of the richest countries and the richest city of China. It is a free port, which is not an offshore zone. There are no taxes and customs fees. With only 4 types of goods are charged excise duties no matter whose they are: local or imported. The market site is free, the state does not interfere in the economy, low taxes – all these factors have enabled Hong Kong for a short period of time to become a state with an advanced economy. GDP of Hong Kong is 61 100 dollars.