1. The Burj Khalifa Fountain — Dubai

The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa impresses not only with its size, but also with dancing fountains illuminated by several thousand lamps. Water jets rise to a height of more than 150 meters.

2. Bellagio Fountain — Las Vegas

Dancing fountain of Bellagio, located in Las Vegas. One of the most romantic fountains in the world daily pleases the audience with light and music show.

3. The Buckingham Fountain — Chicago

Buckingham Fountain is a landmark in the center of the Grant Park. The fountain was commissioned in 1927 by Kate Buckingham to honor her late brother Clarence. The design of the fountain is based on Bassin De Latone.

4. Trevi Fountain – Rome

The legendary Roman Trevi fountain is one of the main symbols of Rome. The sculptural ensemble depicts Neptune standing in a carriage in the form of a seashell pulled by tritons. There is a sign that you need to take a sip of water from the Trevi fountain or throw a coin into it to come back in this city.

5. Magic Fountain of Montjuic — Barcelona

The fountain was constructed in 1929, at that it only performed light shows but later in the year 1980 music was incorporated with light show and the fountain was restored completely in 1992.

6. Spectacular Grand Cascade – St. Petersburg


The Palace ensemble in Peterhof was founded in the XVIII century and immediately received the nickname “Russian Versailles” thanks to the luxurious fountain system. There are more than 150 fountains, and The Grand cascade, which includes the famous Samson fountain -the city’s most recognisable feature.

7. Fontains shows in the Gardens of Versailles

One of the most visited palaces in France – Versailles, famous not only for the luxury of interior decoration but also magnificent fountains. Near the legendary residence of the French kings there are more than 30 fountains depicting various mythological creatures. Versailles fountains were created in the XVII century by order of Louis XIV.

8. Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains – Xian

One of the world’s most beautiful fountain systems is located in XI’an. Crowds of people gather in the square opposite the Pagoda to admire the colorful splashes of musical fountains.

9. The Nations Friendship Fountain – Moscow

The Nations Friendship Fountain is decorated with 16 gold-plated statues representing former republics of the USSR. The fountain sits within the larger All-Russian Exhibition Center.

10. The Fountain of Wealth – Singapore

he largest fountain in the world is The Fountain of Wealth located in Singapore. The bronze ring of the fountain is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, meaning universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and further symbolizes the equality and harmony of all races and religions in Singapore.