Alcohol does not carry any nutritional value for the body. Even in small amounts interferes with the absorption of vitamins. In addition, alcohol is very high in calories. But calories from alcohol are ’empty calories’, they have no nutritional value at all.

2. Mayonnaise

Regular eating of mayonnaise leads to serious diseases of the stomach and intestines, as well as obesity and a tendency to allergies.

3. Hamburgers and hot dogs

People who follow a diet of high-quality beef and greens may have benefits in “heart issues.” Saturated fats in combination with carbohydrates can have a detrimental effect on heart health. At the same time, fast food restaurants mostly use ingredients of not the highest quality, as well as unhealthy methods of cooking.

4. Sausages

Sausages contain saturated fats. But even in dietary products of this category the amount of salt is very high. Regular consumption of sausages threatens obesity and the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, which significantly worsens the heart.

5. Sparkle water

Sweet sparkle water is full of sugar, chemicals and gases contributes to the rapid distribution of harmful substances in the body. Carbonated sweet drinks are harmful – its about four to five teaspoons diluted in a glass of water!

6. Candies, cookies, candies

That kinds of sweets include emulsifiers, sweeteners, thickeners, antioxidants and more.That’s absolutely unhealthy food fot your body!
If you really love to eat sweet, we recommend replacing these harmful products with sweet, but healthy, such as honey and dried fruits, because they have vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

7. Chips

Chips contain a huge amount of sodium glutamate, which metabolic disorders and leading to cancer. The product is deep-fried cannot benefit the body, because with this method of cooking are carcinogens-it’s deadly to a living organism substances.

8. Сanned food

Canned food is more harm than healthy because to preserve the taste for such a long time uses a lot of harmful food additives, stabilizers, preservatives, which with regular use violate metabolism.

9. Popcorn

Popcorn is much more dangerous than it may seem at first sight. The fried corn itself is harmless and useless, but the situation changes when flavorings, flavor enhancers, caramelizers, oil, salt and sugar are added to them during their preparation, which make them consume more and more product, and with it a huge amount of calories, and the salty version contains a huge dose of sodium chloride, which, with frequent consumption, can disrupt the kidneys and cause problems in the cardiovascular system. So next time, take peanuts or apples with you to the cinema.

10. Baked goods from the store

Almost all the baked products in stores (cakes, buns, cakes, cookies) in addition to harmful preservatives, additives, dyes and a large amount of sugar, full of margarine and dangerous TRANS fats. Therefore, try to change the purchased pastries to homemade or carefully study the composition of the purchased pastries.