1. The Nobel Prize

International paward established according to the will of the chemist, engineer and inventor Alfred Nobel. Awarded annually since 1901 in 5 categories: physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature, promotion of peace in the world. In 1960, another nomination was added – the award in economic Sciences. The winners are awarded a gold medal with the image of Alfred Nobel, a diploma and a paycheck.

2.   Academy Awards ( Oscar)

Of course, the most prestigious and coveted film award in the world is the Oscar. This award, founded by The American Academy of motion picture arts, the first winners received in 1929.

3. Grammy Awards

The first time this award was presented in 1958 on the initiative of the recording companies Association of the United States.



BAFTA is an independent charitable organization that supports, develops and promotes such areas s cinema, television and computer games. The organization was founded in 1947 under the leadership of David Lin. The first BAFTA award ceremony took place in 1948 in London. The winners receive a gold mask as a prize.

5. Booker Prize

It is the most prestigious literary award awarded annually in the UK since 1969 for the best original novel written in English. The winner of the award receives 50 thousand pounds.

6. Golden Globe Awards

It is the annual American award, awarded since 1944 for motion pictures and television.

7. Festival international du film de Cannes

Festival international du film de Cannes is an annual international film festival founded in 1946. Held in the Palace of festivals and congresses in the Spa town of Cannes, in the South of France. The most prestigious award at the Cannes film festival awarded in the category for best film is the “Golden palm”.

8. MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Video Music Awards is an annual award given by MTV for the creation of video clips. The ceremony was first held in 1984 in new York.

9. BRIT Awards

BRIT Awards-the annual most prestigious award in the UK, awarded for achievements in pop music. The award was first presented in 1977 as part of the celebration of the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Since 1982 it has been awarded annually.

10. The Pulitzer Prize

it is the most prestigious award of the USA in the field of literature, journalism, music and theater. It was founded on August 17, 1903 by newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer. The prize is awarded annually in twenty-one categories since 1917 the amount of the award is $ 10,000.