1.Verkhoyansk, Russia

The city of Verkhoyansk is located in Yakutia, its north of the Arctic Circle. The city is the third smallest city in Russia. Its population is about 1,400. Temperatures usually can drop to -40°C . The lowest temperature was recorded, which is -69,8°C .

2. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon village is located in Eastern Siberia, Russia. The population of about 600 people and they living literally in the ice caves. The average temperature is -40°C during the winter, which lasts nine months. Oymyakon is located in the taiga between the mountains, which is why there are such low temperatures. The temperature record was -71°C.

3. Yakutsk, Russia

Yakutsk is the capital of the Yakutia region in Siberia with a population of about 200.000. The average temperature in January is about -50°C.

4. Utqiagvik, Alaska

Utqiagvik is officially the City of Utqiaġvik and previously Barrow is the largest city and the borough seat of the North Slope Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska and is located north of the Arctic Circle. Absolute minimum of the tempurature is – 47 °C.

5. Ulan Bator, Mongolia

In Ulan Bator winter begins in November and warming occurs only at the end of March. The mark of the thermometer in this period of time is often fixed at — 50 °C.

6.Nuuk, Greenland

The minimum was recorded at -32°C, and the average annual temperature in winter is kept at -8.1°C. From full freezing Nuuk save warm current, and the houses in the town are painted in different colors, which allows people to avoid depression during the long and cold polar night.

7. International Falls, USA

The city in the North of the United States in Minnesota, the administrative center of Koochiching County. The average temperature in the winter months is -21°C and the absolute minimum was -48.3°C.

8. Vostok Station, Antarctica

The place is a small town consisting of several complexes, including residential and research modules, as well as technological buildings. Absolute maximum od tempurature is – 14 °C. in January, minimum: – 90°C in July.

9. Snag, Canada

The lowest temperature was in 1947, and it was equal to -62.8°C. Interesting fact that the average temperature in winter is around -12°C, and in summer it does not exceed 1.2°C.

10. East Antarctica 

Also known as Greater Antarctica, East Antarctica is the coldest region in the world. It constitutes the majority (two-thirds) of the Antarctic continent. It is colder than west Antarctica. It lies on the Indian Ocean side of the Transantarctic Mountains.